Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Love Story

Or, Talley the Tease

Hey, hey good lookin'! Whatcha got a  cookin'? How about cookin' something up with me?

So tell me Miss Talley, just what did you have in mind?

A long stroll in the park? Drinks out of the same bowl? Tell me sweet one.

Whatever you want, hunky dawg.

Do you want to go running together? You can follow me.

Come on big fella. what are you waiting for? There's a dog bone for us to share.

Oh please, come with me my sweet little rabbit chaser. I know just the place.

Ha, ha. This boy thinks he is gonna get lucky.

Let's go Talley Ho!

Are you outta your mind? I'm NOT that kinda girl!

What did I do? I thought she liked me! I thought we were gonna have a date. 

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