Monday, April 27, 2009

Finicky greyhounds part deux

Yo mama, whatcha doin'? That tripe is so yesterday's news. I'm starving to death.

Yes Maddie dahling, I know you're hungry. I slaved over the stove all day to put together Jeff's recipe. It smells like Thanksgiving dinner in here, I hope you like this. 

Oh and Maddie, it would be really nice if you ate this for more than three days.

Now that's a bowl of kibble mama! 'Bout time you got it right. Let's see... chicken (fresh), carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans. Wait a minute mom, Jeff said nothing about brown rice. I read the recipe too, ya know.

Five paws up. 

Dear Jeff, please go back to the kitchen. I will want my mama to make me something new next week.
Love, Maddie.

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