Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh woe are we

As the senior members of Greyhound Gardens, we've discovered that the moms are trying to starve us to death.

Breakfast and dinner are a nightmare, and we shouldn't be expected to eat such rubbish. Same kibble with a dribble of canned topping. Bah humbug.

Seriously, do we look like kibble and dribble girls? We deserve better, we deserve more, we deserve different. 

And if we aren't going to get it, we'll show them. We just won't eat.

Fast forward to Sunday, the Pet Expo and our new hero Jeff. 

We understand he took mom by the hand and swiftly guided her from dog food booth to dog food booth until he found the magical food.

Yes, for all of you finicky eaters out there, insist on nothing less than smelly, slimy, gooey green tripe. It was delish.

Five paws up for you Jeff.

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