Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Thompson's Flouring Mills

Moose made his maiden adventure voyage and being the history buff that he is, we headed straight for Thompson's Flouring Mills, the newest state park in Oregon. Thank you lottery tickets.

Originally constructed as a flour mill, in 1940 the mill changed with the times and began producing animal feed. 

Families preferred the convenience of store bought bread vs. baking there own.

Tom, the state park volunteer had a greyt time showing Moose around, at least on the outside. Silly park rules prevented Moose from entering the building.

This is what the turbines look like above the water that power the mill.

This is a turbine 16 ft. below the water level in action.

At the end of the Mill Race, Karen and Moose look at the water as it rushes through.

One of three gears that controls the water as in flows into the turbines.

Wooden cogs were used because not only were they cheaper, but they were much easier to replace when broken.

Water as it rushes under the mill and into the Calapooia River.

The original mill was built in 1858. Soon after, the town Boston, Oregon  sprang up near the mill. By 1871 however, the town declined when a railroad passed a mile and half away. Families packed up and moved just to be near the railroad.

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