Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear Paul

A little birdie told us that you needed some pictures of your girls. Just for the record, we've been melting lately. You remember how sweet we are, well it has been raining cats and rabbits around here forever and there is no way we are going to stand in the rain for one more mug shot.

I have become a full fledged coach potato. Flo the Mouth and I duke it out every night to see who gets the coach. I think I intimidate her just a little. 

She's still a problem however and I am thinking of ways that I can eliminate the problem.

Slinky on the other hand prefers two cushions stacked on the floor. She's the gentle one, not quite as stubborn as I am. She's much more camera shy too.

We just wanted to reassure you that we had run away to the circus, we're still in the gardens, the soaking wet gardens.

Love  from your Girls,
Jillian and Slinky


BZ Dogs said...

LOVE the top shot!

houndstooth said...

You two girls always make me smile! I bet Paul is feeling better, too!

houndstooth said...
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Lori - What Remains Now said...

What sweet pictures. The picture of Jillian made me melt...with no rain.