Monday, March 28, 2011

No end in sight

I have a confession. I'm afraid I check multiple times a day. Not sure why, the only thing it is really consistent about is predicting the rain. Got sun? Most likely will be replaced by rain. Got snow? Nope, we can look forward to rain.

Next 10 days? Yup. Rain, followed by rain, followed by... light rain.

For those of you that admired our luscious green grass, we totally pay the price.


BZ Dogs said...

What *is* your average yearly rainfall? To see the pictures you'd swear it was 100 inches! :)

IHateToast said...

so you're about to have some rain? what about tomorrow?

houndstooth said...

@Katy Ha ha ha ha ha! *snort*

I am sorry about all the rain! You could come to sunny Illinois. It's cold as a witch's heart right now, but it's nice and sunny! They say we'll crack sixty degrees this weekend. It's a heatwave! (Do not remind me that I joked about this when I'm griping about the heat this summer, please!)