Friday, March 04, 2011

What about Barney?

If you've been following my trip down memory lane since Monday, you've met a few of our foster dogs and were always near and dear to our hearts.

Yesterday's post talked about the pair white and red brindle boys. Barney was one of them.

He moved in like he had always been here. When we fostered, we treated the greyhounds like they were our very own.

From the first night, Barney insisted on sleeping beside me on the bed.

He marked his turf calling the acre his own. Well, he had some competition.

He quickly made best friends with Danny.

And believe me he raced with wind every day. We brought him home in November after he had bounced twice for housebreaking issues. It was our charge to see if we couldn't get things turned around. Oddly enough, we never had a problem with him.

In February we got a call from a family that had just lost their greyhound to osteo. When I showed them Barney's picture, they said he looked just like their pup and adopted him immediately.

Once again with a heavy heart, I handed over the leash.

At the beginning of February, I got an e-mail. Barney had just turned 12 in December. They were moving out of state and couldn't take him with them.

I took a deep breath and called Karen to tell her what was happening. Without batting an eye, she said he could come back to gardens.

I said, "he's 12, we'll have to hold another paw when the time comes" and she said, "that's what we do."

He's not the first senior we've taken because the family couldn't keep them. We don't ask questions nor do we pass judgment. It's our job to love the hounds.

Last Sunday, we took back Barney's leash. He seemed to know who we were and he knew his acre the minute he got back. After five short days, it feels like Barney has always been here.

Welcome back Barney!

I leave you with two thoughts as we go into the Pet Blog Hop.

If you ever get a chance to foster, do it. It's a wonderful experience, a little sad when you hand the doggie over to their new family, but you do walk away with a bit of a high because you know you've done a great thing.

Secondly, adopt a senior. They make the best pets.

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Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Yet another lovely story with equally lovely photos ... of Greyhounds with tails:)

I confess, I've lost track of who you've got now. I know there are the triplets but I'm starting to get confused. Could you introduce everyone who is at Greyhound Gardens now maybe? Or am I the only one who has lost track?

houndstooth said...

I miss fostering! We used to, but then nobody wanted Lilac and the inn was full until we agreed to dogsit Blueberry, her daughter and the lady decided she couldn't take her back. Right now I worry that it would just be too much for our little old lady dog, but I do want to foster again one day. I am so glad that Barney came back to you! Those white spotty dogs are my big weakness!

BZ Dogs said...

I'll love to see the lineup as well - put names to those loves faces (and visa versa). I don't know how you could hand over the leash for such beautiful dogs, but it's wonderful that you do. :)

Kristin G. said...

I've really enjoyed your stories! Thanks for all you've done for these amazing creatures. You are truly inspirational. Enjoy your weekend with Barney and the rest of the pack.

Doreen said...

What a great thing you do. Not everyone can foster and I admire those that do. Of the 25 dogs we rescued from the Missouri puppy mill, a little pom we named Margot stole my heart. I wanted so badly to adopt her but our home is full. Margot finally got her forever family and my heart sunk when I found out but in the same breath, I was thrilled she was going home.

Barney is adorable.

Oh and thanks for stopping by Doggies and Stuff blog today.

Doreen, Kiko, Millie and Riley