Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The black and blue crew

 Blender paved the path for our fostering experience. She was a very shy girl. When we went out to the kennel to pick out our first greyhound, she hovered at the back of the kennel, hoping not to be seen.
My youngest daughter, however, was not going to let that happen. As I was oohing and awing over all of the beautiful greyhounds, Holly had all but crawled into Blender's kennel with her. The president of the group was so impressed, that after I took Fonzi home she called and asked if we would be willing to foster Blender.


 I really credit Holly for making Blender the wonderful do she is today. Holly spent hours and hours next to Blender's safety spot in the kennel. She read to her, talked to her, watched TV with her.

After about two months in solitude, Holly came out to join us one night in the living room. I'll never forget seeing Blender peak around the corner and bark. She wanted her Holly girl. It only took a couple of nights of that behavior and Blender began joining the family.

OK, I failed my first foster experience. Blender pretty much runs the roost at 12 years old.

For a little while, we were a revolving door for blue greyhounds. You don't see very many of them, but as a gaggle of grays, they were really beautiful together.
This is Dezi. He wasn't with us very long when he joined his wonderful forever mama down in Klamath Falls.


Danny on the right and Gracie in the middle were the corner stones for the blue crew. 

Mai Tai on the left was this spunky little blue brindle girl. She was placed into a home by another volunteer, so I never kept up with her whereabouts. I suspect though that she kept her family laughing all of the time. She was quite the little ham.

Tomorrow, the walk down memory lane takes an unexpected fork in the road. Come on back.


houndstooth said...

Holy smokes! Mai Tai looks like a carbon copy of our Blueberry! I'd almost swear they were related.

Bunny says Flocko can start making his way to Illinois any time now!

BZ Dogs said...

... I know. You've decided to start fostering Goldens instead!!!

(Ok... maybe not...)

Beautiful dogs - if only they had more fur. :)

Barbara said...

I don't think I could ever foster. I'd never give them up!!

Wyatt said...

What a beautiful pack and what a nice thing you are doing for them :)

Wyatt and Stanzie