Saturday, January 02, 2010

The vampires are out again

Beware! Be afraid! Watch your backs! They are out there lurking in the shadows.

I was out for my pre-dinner run, anxiously awaiting my kibbles and bits when the phone rang. The next thing I know mom is volunteering me.

Sure I was excited to go for a car ride, but when I think car ride, I think waterfalls, pumpkin patches and covered bridges. Not and I repeat not the shiny, slick floor place.

But I took it like man. My mom, Paul and Nancy (wave to Paul and Nancy) would have been so proud. I stood so still with my head held high. The needle hit the jugular and I didn't even flinch. And you want to know what was most impressive? I beat the record, 500 gms of red hot stuff in 4.5 minutes.

Woo hoo! Way to get that job over with.

Now, with a class act like that, I was expecting steak and tail with a kitty cat on the side. But no, I got some healthy canned veterinary crap for my bright red blood.

Oh, and I'm sporting this ridiculous purple polka-dotted bandage thing. All the other greyhounds now laugh and call me names.

But on this foggy night, I have probably saved the life of a very cute 8 month old female puppy.

I just need to be left alone now. I must rest to regain my strength and replace all of those zillions of red blood cells they took away.

A guy like me can go to bed proud of the work I did today.

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