Sunday, January 31, 2010


Twas quite the dreary and rainy day, Saturday's adventure never had a destination, it was a drive into Polk County to see what we could see. We headed towards Fall City and back up to Black Rock. The abandoned house that had been such a treasure just one year ago was now in the process of being gutted out and torn down. The only thing that remained were the daisies in the window sill, with a few new cob webs.

Always on the look-out for old cars in the fields, we found two. Note to self: work on courage to knock on someone's door and ask to go out in their fields.

On our way through Independence, we drove past an old junkyard, somewhat of a paradise for rust.

This one is anybody's guest, something from the 1930s? Buick, Ford?

A Buick Eight Super, roughly 1946 back and

the front.

And last, but not least a Plymouth Special Deluxe, roughly 1949 still with it's great hood ornament intact.

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