Monday, January 11, 2010

Greyt Getaways • A country drive

Roxy had the honor of going on the first Greyt Getaway of 2010. We had to get about 20 miles out of town before the fog finally lifted.

We traveled along a country road between Mills and Lyons when we reached a field of about a dozen donkeys.

Fortunately, they were neither camera shy nor afraid of me, they trotted right over to the fence to see who the nut behind the camera was.

A couple of them must have recognized the camera and actually modeled for me.

They were absolutely adorable and shaggy.

In the next field a bull patiently watched his ladies on the other side of the creek.

We made a quick pit stop in Mills before getting back into the car and heading for home.

As we got closer to Salem the sun disappeared behind the dense fog, and for Roxy it was best just to sleep the rest of the way home.

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