Sunday, January 03, 2010

Seizures again

We're six days shy of not having seizures for 10 months.

We'd gone out to run Saturday errands and when we got home, I wondered if he'd had one. There's a behavior pattern. Restless, kinda cranky, demanding. Sure enough, at 6 pm, he had another seizure.

Seizures by themselves are scary and Flocko has grand mal seizures, so they are violent. In a multiple dog household, they are frightening. We have a system. Valium (I usually need it, but flocko is the one that gets it), some time outside, a snack, more time outside. He is unrelenting when he wants to go out.

In March he had cluster seizures. The vet described it as a break through pattern. It had been months since he had a seizure and once the first one broke through, they just kept coming.

We've armed ourselves with plenty of valium and are prepared for a potentially long night.

Did I mention I know where to find my vet after hours? Gotta love our vet, he's the very best.

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