Monday, January 18, 2010

Greyt Getaways • OR154

Buddy drew the short straw, or rather he looked the cutest going back and forth to door, looking back so hopeful.

First stop was a fabulous home just outside of Dayton. Such a grand home, it is sad to see it in such dis-repair. I'd love to know when the house was built.

Oregon celebrates it's century farms, if this one isn't a century farm, it has got to be close.

And next to last stop, my favorite, Fields of Rust. This old '54 Bel Air actually had a toe tag.

An old house, an old farm and an old car, two cups of coffee and a coke meant that we would be stopping at Maude Williamson State Recreation Area, an old forest.

Poor Bud, so many trees, so little pee.

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