Friday, October 09, 2009

Outrage. Mutiny. Revolution.

I made a mistake. I'm sorry, really truly I am.

Yesterday I proclaimed it to be beautiful brindle day. Today, when the doggies anxiously ran to the computer to read the blog, SOME of them were furious. They demanded that I include some white in the proclamation.

Although the brindle in his face is turning more white, Adam lead the early morning rebellion.

He wanted to make sure that I included his white tipped on brindle ear. A unique feature that only a white a brindle hound could sport.

Crystal, so frustrated over the entire situation could hardly look me in the eyes.

Laying her head down in disappointment, she showed off her "My Little Pony" mohawk.

Flo shuttered in disbelief.

Posing for the camera only in support of the revolution, she stuck her tongue out at me and gave me the look. Flo probably has the best "looks."

And Mr. Pasha, the sensible one, sat down across the table from me ready to negotiate.

All ears, Pasha listened as I apologized, begging for forgiveness and promising never to make the mistake again.

I have re-proclamated October 8 as beautiful brindle, white and brindle day.

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