Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Upper North Falls

The Adventure Silver Falls State Park
Location LAT 44.920648 N LON -122.6209
Date October 17, 2009
Weather 60°, Raining
Distance 23.3 miles

The promise of torrential rain didn't stop us when the clouds parted for a short while. We were bound and determined to catch some fall color.

Buddy and Karen hit the trail.

All along the creek, the leaves showed great promise of color. And the clouds were looking more ominous.

The first peek at the falls was stunning.

One of the biggest reasons we took Buddy was to get his picture in front of the falls.

Smile for the camera Buddy. So he looked left.

Hey Bud, smile for the camera. And he looked down.

Knowing that third time is always a charm, when it was time to smile for the camera, Buddy looked right.

Before the clouds opened up I enjoyed the falls one more time.

Looked downstream at the fall color.

And followed Bud and my bride back to the car in the pouring down rain.

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