Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We love Lucee

Little Lucee basset hound, you started your life with your momma Karen when you were just a pup of five years old.

You shared your life with two wild weimies. Well, one of them was pretty wild.

You were one awesome basset, beautiful from head to toe with a very soft coat.

You loved the gardens. You waited for each fruit as they came into season. First the cherries, then the plums, the grapes and you knew when fall was here because the apples fell from the trees. It was a very sad day when we found that grapes weren't good for dogs, because they were probably your favorite.

You knew you had found your forever home and you were one happy little doggy.

But then, one day something happened that turned your life completely upside down. Your momma brought home a pair of greyhounds. Murphy became your guardian angel.

Short legs or not, after the greyhounds moved in, you learned to run like the wind just to keep up with them.

And sometimes, they tried to get down so that they could play on your level.

Didn't matter how many greyhounds joined the acre, you welcomed them all graciously.

And the more greyhounds that joined us, the faster you flew.

The more loving and gentle you became.

And forever you were a loyal and loving companion.

The sunny days seemed to bring your greatest joy and you would roll around and sun yourself in the grass for hours.

Always taking the time to sniff with a friend.

We got you to your 16th birthday with one more round of cherries, plums and apples. You haven't flown around the acre for awhile, but you still got out and strolled around, or as I so affectionately put it, you had two speeds, slow and stall. Honey girl, the house is empty once again. We will miss you ever so much, but so enjoyed our time together.

We love you Lucee girl. I suspect that you are flying around once again.

Lucee • July 6, 1993-October 20, 2009

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