Sunday, August 09, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Back to Upper Butte Creek Falls

The Adventure Upper Butte Creek Falls
Location LAT 44.92389 N LON 122.51222 W
Date May 16, 2009
Weather 94°, Sunny
Distance 33 miles

Last time we were at Upper Butte Creek Falls, we didn't make it to the second falls just below the falls. Minnie led the way this time.

The red color on the berries of this plant were beautiful, but thorns on the stalk, upper and under sides of the leaf were enough to keep from looking closer.

We were quite surprised when we rounded the corner to the falls.

We went from a thunderous wall of water dumping over the ledge,

to a trickle dropping 22 ft. to the pool below.

It was now possible to walk behind the falls and look out.

Despite the heat, it was a really beautiful day.

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