Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Yaquina Head

The Adventure Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Location LAT 44°40′36.4″ N LON 124°04′45.9″ W
Date July 25, 2009
Weather 61°, foggy
Distance 92.3 miles

The plan was to catch the sunset at the lighthouse. The drive to the coast was beautiful, at least until we hit the Newport city limits.

At that point, we knew the only yellow we were going to catch were the yellow evening primrose that lined the road going out to the lighthouse. They were far enough inland, that we still had hopes of seeing something. Anything.

This is the lighthouse from the parking lot, maybe 100 feet and an hour away from sunset.

It was windy and cold and Buddy was pretty sure he would be warmer inside.

Sorry Budman, you'll have to stick this one out with us in the wind and the fog.

Ocean visability was nearly impossible except straight down from the cliff.

The seagulls didn't seem to have a problem navigating in the fog.

Looking at the backside of the lighthouse.

And they expect ships to see that itty bitty light in the fog. Right.

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