Saturday, August 01, 2009

Anatomy of a cowdog

Slender waistline, legs that go on forever, taute muscles, deep lustrous dark eyes. The greyhound. They come in a million colors, but if want one that will turn heads, meet

The cowdog. White and black.

Appearing to have a perfectly white and black split neck, the two black ears keep the look balanced.

Black drapes over and down the white face as if it were a mask.

The legs are sprayed with watered-down black paint.

Black patches—carefully placed short, broad strokes—adorn the snowy white coat.

A red velvet color accentuates the snowy white and jet black.

But if you want a real cowdog, make sure you have a speckled tookus.

1 comment:

Alesha McGinnis said...

hey.. that's one nice spotted rear!