Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Adventure Sunflower Fields
Location LAT 44° 59' 26" N LON 122.51' 09" W
Date August 16, 2009
Weather 71°, Sunny
Distance 5 miles

Just down the road are acres and acres of giant sunflowers.

Probably a third of them have bloomed.

The center of each head is different.

The gold against the blue sky was phenomenal.

The little white daisies competed for attention in the shadows of the sunflowers.

Roxy was way to short to pose with the flowers, but fortunately for her, there were a few on the ground at the end of the rows.

This one almost looks like a gerbera daisy.

The bees of course were hard at work.

The little tiny flowers that held the pollen were all lined up in perfect little rows.

Directly in front of the sunflowers a field of green peppers grew and behind that was a field of corn.

I love living in the valley.

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