Friday, June 24, 2011

A busy day for the greyhounds

It was a totally rockin' day around here as we begin the first official day of summer. The greyhounds spent the day practicing for their summer events.

Talley is doing a whole body twist, maintaining as much body as possible touching the grass.

Danny is demonstrating flattened dog camoflage trick. It was tough for Danny to even open his eyes.

Jillian was probably the most ambitious with her twist and kick.

And Jori was stretching out for maximum comfort.

While they are practicing for summer, we can spend the day at the Pet Blog Hop.

Please join us, it's simple.

The Pet Blog Hop hosted by Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume. Many, many thanks to the hosts, the Pet Blog Hop rocks.

Please join us, the rules are simple:
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verobirdie said...

I can hear Danny snoring gently :-)

Talking-Dogs said...

Love that twist and kick move! Great photos!

Terrorzinhos said...

The "twist and kick" and the "stretching" are our favorites! =))

Great shots!

Have a nice weekend!

Cherie K. Miller said...

Love the picture of rolling in the grass - so beautiful!

Lovely - thanks so much for my first laugh of the morning!

I'm dropping by the pet blog hop today - stop by to see the gorilla at the Calgary Zoo enjoying a little fun:

Please leave a comment back today - I'd appreciate it!

Sage said...

Nothing better than a good roll in the grass!! Well, unless there's something stinky to roll in.........

houndstooth said...

My favorite is the twist and kick, too! Danny, that looks like an advanced move that requires a lot of concentration!


Twiggy said...

All familiar poses...I think I need to go outside a try a few myself. Thanks for the suggestions!

Michelle said...

Lovely hounds and photos! :)

melfr said...

God I love your pictures and comments! LOL! I'm think this could be a new dog agility event. I'm thinking my Jasper would be up for the competition. Hmmm.....

So very glad I stopped by on the Pet Blogger Hop - as always. :)