Monday, June 20, 2011

The weimie and the woobie

We picked up Emma from my daughter's house a day early. As Holly was tearfully getting ready to hand over the leash, she walked around the house like she was lost.

She went over to the toy box and looked at Joe and asked if she should send Emma's woobie with her.

Joe knew where Emma was coming and slightly discouraged Holly from sending anything more than absolutely necessary.

It became our responsibility to make sure Emma had a woobie.

She did the happy dance as soon as she got it. This one was a true treasure. It was a woobie and a tennis ball all-in-one.

Happy days were here again.

Of course woobie time couldn't last forever and Emma gave a most pitiful look begging for us not to take her woobie away.


verobirdie said...

Oh dear, that is a look! We won't survive a whole week with so much cuteness :-)

rottrover said...

That last picture says, "Thanks, Grams!"


houndstooth said...

That woobie has fantastic colors! Well chosen! Emma really is such a beauty! Does she ever get a chance to play with the Greyhounds? Somehow I picture her and Danny making a very striking pair. Don't tell Blueberry I said that, though!

Terrorzinhos said...

Emma, you're sooo cute!
You're woobie is really cool!