Monday, May 23, 2011

One classy girlfriend

I had my 100mm macro lens out at noon when I was running da doggies. I've never used the macro for portraits before.

Holy smokes, I was totally shocked and pleased with the results, of course my model today is nothing less than brilliant.

Slinky was standing under the cedar trees stalking a squirrel, I'm not even sure she noticed me.

Sheesh, if only I could get her and her sister to stand side by side for a portrait (like a pair of well-behaved goldens we all know and love), I'd be a very happy mommy.

Chances of that happening, slim to none.


Wyatt said...

That is a great result, very professional. This is the first time, I've noticed the markings in her ears.


houndstooth said...

Oh surely you can do it! If I can wrangle three Greyhounds AND a German Shepherd into a pose by the Christmas tree, you can get two Greyhounds to stand together!

Slinky really is lovely!

BZ Dogs said...

... and you wonder why the guys are so transfixed by her beauty.

As for posing? Cookies. Lots and Lots of cookies!

What Remains Now said...

What a beautiful girl and a beautiful photo.