Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good golly Miss Molly

A few weeks ago, the garden hounds got a care package from greyhound Molly and her momma Debby. It included some treats, a few toys and a couple of bones. Apparently, Molly is chew challenged.

I can't begin to thank Debby enough for the care package, it has been a HUGE hit amongst the houndie dogs. The bone is passed from one hound to the next and they chew away. And the treats, sometimes I worry that I'm going to lose a finger because they are so anxious to snatch them from my hands.

So I'm sending a huge shout out to Molly and Debby, THANK YOU, we really love the care package.


houndstooth said...

Talley, you're looking just beautiful there with that bone. I can't believe anybody would try to take something from such a pretty girl, though!

BZ Dogs said...

Why is it anything greyhounds do looks so elegant? Even bone chewing! Lovely picture. :)

bbes tribe said...

Greyhounds do look elegant and regal - even if just laying around. Glad you are all enjoying the bones.