Monday, May 02, 2011

Moose party

Party central continues with the buff and tough Moose. May 2 rings number 9 for the Mooseman.

Now you would think this gorgeous stud muffin would spend a little more time cuddling with the girls, but no, not Moose.

Give him a stuffy and he is a happy, proud boy. Of course, Eeyore is probably just happy to have a friend, even if he is tightly clenched in the jaws of Moose.


BZ Dogs said...

I don't know - Eeyore looks more than a bit apprehensive, although I have to admit that Moose is a handsome boy. Poor Miss. Bunny, she'll probably faint at the sight!

houndstooth said...

Hello, Moose! Where have you been hiding? I wish we could all be there to play with you!


The Barn Door said...

What a handsome man!!!

Hiking Hounds said...

Happy Birthday Moose! You are a handsome guy. You know, girls love guys who love their stuffies.

What Remains Now said...

First, it's fun to say "Moose party." Second, these pictures reminded me of why I have two beautiful greyhounds. One of the first greyhounds I ever met was Caesar. Caesar was a big boy who had a grand, winning racing career. But when he was feeling anxious, he like to walk around with his favorite stuffie in his mouth. The sight of that big, strapping boy walking around with that stuffie just melted my heart and I started checking out the breed. Now, I can't imagine life without a greyhound. Well done, big boys with stuffies!