Friday, February 25, 2011

Storm warning continued

As promised, the snow came. 24 hours later than predicted. The flakes were big and fluffy, there was wind. We were prepared to be snowed in for months (aka lots of full kibble bags).

And then, only minutes later, the snow completely disappeared. The sun came out. It didn't warm up any, but the white fluffy stuff we were so looking forward to was gone. All gone.

Welcome to Oregon.

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fromsophiesview said...

"O" as in OH to live in OREGON!

houndstooth said...

Aww, I'm sorry you didn't get to enjoy it more! If you want some more, come on over, we have plenty to spare!

We were up at 4:30 this morning! Did you get to sleep in any?

Mayli the Labradane said...

You're right -- there's nothing like playing in snow! Chomping it, sliding it, falling in it -- it's really amazing stuff. Sorry to hear that Oregon has missed out on the 2011 Snow-pocalypse. :)

I found your blog on the Saturday Blog Hop -- I hope you'll come visit us soon!

- Mayli the Labradane

Wyatt said...

It has been crazy weather. We still have snow on the ground here, but we have a lot of shade.
Brrr and so cold. We are glad that we didn't get our Aire-cuts yet!

Wyatt and Stanzie

chandra said...

I wish the snow would come back! The cold is so much better accompanied by the white stuff. Your photos are a lovely reminder!

-Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Doug said...

Greyhounds are Grrrreat! We have two! Just hoping by from the blog hop.