Friday, February 04, 2011

Rabbit season

It's no secret that our greyhounds love their babies. They especially love their babies when they get to take them outside to play.

It's also no secret, that on any given day, a baby can go from perfect to fluff in 30 seconds or less.

I would never deny our pups the delight they receive flying around the backyard, with a baby in their mouth, they get such a kick out of this.

We have a best known secret to keeping the babies flying with the hounds.

We circle through the Goodwill stuffed animal departments. They are cheap, always in great condition and the hounds love them.

And now, as we approach Easter, the rabbits are multiplying like crazy on the shelves.

Rabbits are the best, especially with big floppy ears to play tug o' war with, grab and run, or just flop in the wind.

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Two Little Cavaliers said...

Thanks for linking up. Have an awesome weekend playing with your stuffie!

Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana

Kristin G. said...

That is a great way to replenish babies! We have several here that are completely flat and destuffed. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

houndstooth said...

Oh, we love the rabbits, too! They've gone into hiding now that Morgan is here, though.

Tucker The Crestie said...

Babies are great! But our mom is mean and doesn't let us take them in the yard. Can you please tell her that she needs to? Or can we come play at your house?

Thanks for your help,

Love Tucker

AJ said...

Love these photos! And what a great tip - I've avoided giving Jack anything stuffed as it will be shredded in approximately 12 seconds.

Art and Sew Forth said...

What a blast! Nothing like a good day of rabbit chasing!

Unknown said...

I always wondered if dog toys were made stronger for safety purposes. Nah, it doesn't appear to be the case. I probably need to get going to the Salvation Army to keep Honey in bunnies.

Great suggestion! I guess you could say it has the Greyhound seal of approval.

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof!Woof! Rabbits??? 2011 is the year of the Rabbit. Happy BLOG HOP Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all,

I used to do that with my last Chessie girl. She was so gentle with them though and carried them all over the house with her.

She hated toys with squeakers, so we got her childrens stuffies. When she died we buried her in her favorite blanket with her favorite stuffie.

BrownDog's Momma

Mad Red Hare said...

My Dixie used to run out the back door and scoop up her strategically placed stuffies! We lost her to osteo in November and now the only stuffies are inside...

Briese said...

Stopping by from the blog hop. The action pictures are great to see!

Anonymous said...

We are just so jealous of you having green grass. It seems like years since we've seen that!

24 Paws of Love said...

We do the same thing. We have a whole bag of them to choose from. We've picked them up at garage or rummage sales also. We are never short on stuffies. Great pictures. They look like they are having a blast!!

Melf said...

LOL! Don't I know it that "a baby can go from perfect to fluff in 30 seconds or less!"

My Daisy has a baby (we call it her "Woobie" here) that is a stuffed bear and she loves to carry it around with her too. Jasper (her Sheltie brother) loves nothing better than to de-stuff it. He's very naughty. :)

Stopping by on the Saturday Blog Hop!

D.K. Wall said...

30 seconds? Laughing - we never seem to have any stuffies around here for some reason.

hamster cages said...

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