Monday, February 28, 2011

Back in the day

Greyhound Gardens was sort of a Grand Greyhound Station. We were a revolving door for hounds as they found their forever families. I loved that time, and I loved every greyhound that crossed our threshold. 

Some of them managed to wrap their paws around our hearts more than others. This is Barbie. She was a broodie and was absolutely the sweetest dog. Week after week we would show her to families and there just was never a bond. Secretly, I was relieved, she could have become a garden hound. In October 2004, four months after she joined us, we found the better than perfect family.

Don and Jody loved Barbie and Barbie adored them. Sweet Barbie went to the rainbow bridge much too soon, but we still keep in contact (Hi Don and Jody).

I'm sure you all recognize this bluetiful hound boy. Yes, my Danny Bleu was one of those failed fosters. Well sort of. The minute Danny and I laid eyes on each other, we were one.

I spoiled him totally rotten from the very beginning, no body else would have wanted him.

We didn't know it, but Barbie was Danny's momma. It wasn't until around the time she went to live with Don and Jody that we discovered the connection.

Stay tuned, more tails to come.


houndstooth said...

Oh how cool! We have Blueberry here with her mama, Miss Lilac, and it's fun times!

Mad Red Hare said...

I can't wait to hear more! I love a good houndie story!!!

Unknown said...

Terri, Love the photos of our dear, Sweet Barbie! She truly was the sweetest dog ever and we still miss her. We loved our 2nd greyt, Mick who was also a sweet big boy, and our shy Missy still makes us laugh when she decides to loosen up. Again, thanks for lighting up our day's beginnings with your wonderful photos.
Jody and Don

Kristin G. said...

They're all so special. Thanks for sharing Barbie and Danny Bleu with us. xo

Sistertex said...

Beautiful....and I sit and cry reading about them. How some of them passed, so sounds like what we have dealt with here over the years with our over 20 hounds. Just killer when they leave you to be sure.

Wonderful to read about them all!

Meg said...

I LOVE the photo of Barbie chewing on the toy and Danny looking at it. Love Danny, eeeven if his butt needs 2 cushions.