Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Patience young grasshopper

Her royal highness (thank you Thundering Herd for putting that thought in her head) is ready to greet her audience now.

Thank you so much for the complements on my photos. Trust me, it is my incredibly beautiful models.

I don't have a studio. I set up nearly everything in our living room. For the most recent set of portraits, I am using a 2 yard remnant of black velour type fabric as the backdrop. I'm also bouncing an off-camera flash into an umbrella.

But mostly, I just have to be really, really patient and wait, and wait and sometimes wait even longer to get them to pose.

They can be such fat heads.


Sistertex said...

Thanks for sharing your methods! I *knew* you were setting up the lighting. :)

Though I know you have incredibly beautiful models I have had 19 of them and never got photos as nice as yours. I just commented to my significant other about the lighting you were using. Very cool, greyt job to be sure. Certainly speaks to your knowledge and talents to know how to do this stuff.

Fantastic work.

houndstooth said...

Oh, we wouldn't know anything about difficult models here! Nope! Uh uh!

What I'd give to had that kind of lighting! Ours is awful! I hate most of our indoor photos. You do have great models, but you also have some wonderful talent and patience!

BZ Dogs said...

You could get lost in eyes like that...

Once again, a beautiful shot!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

But it's not just the fantastic lighting, backdrops and absolutely gorgeous subjects that has me hooked ... it's also the headings and writings along with the photos. You're a multi talented lady, I take my hat off to you:-)

Just working my way backwards after a month without reading any blogs!!