Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yes Jillian, there really is a Santa Paws

This is Jillian and Slinky's first year with a couch to call their very own. As all of the other greyhounds danced and caroled around the the fire hydrant in anticipation of Santa Paws, Jillian crawled up on her couch feeling, well skeptical.

So she waited and waited.

And what to her surprise should a appear? A tiny sleigh and 8 very slow reindeer.

Thrilled with her new treasure, she snuggled and squeaked.

And the moral of the story you ask? The reality is, it isn't the size of the toy, but the size of the couch that really matters.


houndstooth said...

Very true, Jillian! What a pretty girl you are, too! I bet Santa couldn't resist you any more than the rest of us.

Flyss said...

Wow your Jillian reminds me so much of my greyhound cross Minty, beautiful photos!