Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My splash is bigger than your splash

Neither hail nor snow nor sheet of rain can deter Flocko from playing his nightly game of Flocko ball.

It was raining bull mastiffs and and great danes today, all day. But Flocko did not care. Water was entering the garage and the basement, but Flocko had to play ball.

Crystal, our itsy bitsy 47 lb. greyhound couldn't wait to run up to Flocko, our biggest boy weighing in at 80 lbs., she had to make sure he saw the big splash she made while running.

Unimpressed, Flocko took this as a challenge.

In a very big way.

Just for the record, this little rain puddle used to be lovely green grass. The dogs lay in it's shade by summer and trance in it's branches by winter.

Quite proud of his splash, he walked right on by Crystal, snarking something about "eat my dust."

But I'm pretty sure he meant to say "have a raindrop on me."


D.K. Wall said...

Mud puddles! And, yes, you win the big splash contest.

Sistertex said...

LOL.... Flocko you rock big guy!

houndstooth said...

Ha ha ha! Crystal, Bunny says she's a kindred spirit! She tips the scales at a whopping fifty pounds, but it doesn't stop her from going all out with the big dogs.

One of these days, Flocko, you're in for a surprise!