Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Double-Digit Gang

It was time to take another double-digit gang picture. Lighting was perfect, cooperation wasn't so perfect.

Seven dogs, ages 10 to 13.5. Two black, two white and fawn, one white and brindle, one fawn and one brindle.

Many, many images and I don't think one shot was produced with all of them looking at me.

Duncan and Murphy exchanged a few pleasantries. The lump that continues to grow in leaps and bounds shows up quite well here.

Here's the line-up: Left side, back to front - Roxy 13.5, Buddy 12.5, Blender 11, Murphy 12
Right side, back to front - Jori 10, Adam 10, Duncan 11

And this one is the family photo, yes even Karen and I are card-carrying members of the double-digit gang.

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