Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cilvil War Re-enactment—The Battle

Twice daily during the re-enactment week-end they have a battle. The guns are loaded with black powder.

Each side lined up on the field, not having anything for cover.

The bugle actually helps direct the action down the field.

As did the drummer boys.

During the first stage of the battle, the north advanced. But from out of the wood work, the confederate army began to push back.

I asked if they knew who would die on the field during the battle. They don't know. They die in battle when they make eye-contact with the other side and there is no powder in the gun.

The north retreated as the confederate army advanced.

But not without firing off a few more rounds.

We didn't stick around to see who won the next battle.

I have one more batch of pics to post from this re-enactment.

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