Sunday, May 30, 2010

Celebrating a tree

We were invited to a tree celebration on Saturday at one of the valley vineyards, Witness Tree Vineyard. We headed out, not really knowing what we were attending.

Nearly 200 wineries call the Willamette Valley their home. Since I'm not a wine drinker, a grape is a grape, but apparently Oregon is famous for it's Pinot Noir.

The oak tree was used as a survey marker. Original markings in the tree trunk dated back to July 8, 1854 indicating a boundary for donation land claim No. 51.

The vineyard was named after the ancient white oak that looks over the vineyard from the top of the hill. It's circumference is 4 ft. at the base, standing 85 ft. tall and is approximately 200 years old.

Ditches beside the vineyard were lined with California poppies and

and numerous other wild flowers.

When we first arrived, the skies were blue. True to Oregon though, it quickly became overcast.

Oregon established the Heritage Tree Program in 1995. Trees are designated as significant because of their importance in national, state or regional history.

The Witness Tree was the 51st tree to be designated as a Heritage Tree.

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