Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Behind the scenes

I've captured a couple of good shots this year of the dogs, but I could have never done it without help.

Somebody had to pull a few weeds and turn the pumpkin around.

Somebody had to be at the other end of the leash, picture after picture. And sometimes all of the post-processing in the world could never make the picture.

Somebody would stand at the other end, waving a leaf, throwing a rock and making a series of ridiculous noises. And after all of that, we still wouldn't get cooperation.

Somebody had to humor me when I'd check the weather forecast and shout out "this is where we're going, get the dog." And then patiently wait after I would take picture after picture.

Even in the freezing cold, wet feet, slick rocks... somebody was there helping me with my gear and walking around entertaining the dogs while I would sneak off to take just one more shot.

Somebody is always behind the scenes and for that I want to give a giant thank you to my wonderful bride.

I couldn't do it without her and I wouldn't have nearly as much fun.

Thanks K. Lubs you much.

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Alesha McGinnis said...

What about me.... I want LUBS too... =)