Thursday, November 05, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Three Pools

The Adventure Three Pools
Location LAT 44° 50' 22" N LON 122° 18' 41" W
Date November 1, 2009
Weather 46°, Sunny
Distance 43.1 miles

Yes Flocko doggo, it's your adventure today.

It's a bit nippy out, don't you think?

Last time we were here, there wasn't nearly this much water.

But you are such a brave boy, you don't seem to be to afraid of it.

And look at what a great climber you are!

Two months ago, we could walk everywhere around here. Now there is very cold water flowing over the rocks.

Flocko, which part of very cold didn't you hear?

Sun was just coming over the rise. Three Pools was stunning.

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Alesha McGinnis said...

I told U Karen... stop putting stuff in your butt pockets... her new nick name is Sponge Karen Square Butt! LOL LOVE U BOSS