Saturday, November 28, 2009

How to take your dogs picture

Step 1: Invite your doggie in and ask them to have a seat.

Step 2: Have a candid conversation with your doggie about cooperation. Ask them if this is really the picture they would like in the Christmas card. Most of them are pretty vain and will look at the birdie at this point.

Step 3: Sometimes you have give the doggie a detailed description of how you would like them to cooperate. Explain to them that although this pose is beautiful, it probably is not Christmas card material.

Step 4: Praise doggie when they start to get the look you would like. Head up, ears up, eyes bright. These are all good things.

Step 5: Of course, once doggie starts to cooperate, it is really important that the nut behind the wheel knows what they are doing.

Step 6: Family portraits are always nice. But, people will wonder why the house is tipping to one end. See Step 5 about the nut behind the wheel.

Step 7: Have a cookie in your pocket for the cooperating dog and the nut behind the wheel when they both get right.

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