Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tundra one - Humor zero

What I haven't told many of you, but on Friday I had my girly surgery. So to say the very least, my first days at Greyhound Gardens, well, they suck. So this morning bright and early I am excited to go with the boys.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. That snowy, wintery pasture of parad-ice. Solid ice. Greyhounds, are dogs on stilts. We don't do well on ice.

For the first time, I was actually envious of that low-to-the-ground, Basset Hound, Lucee.

As I move around parad-ice, I thought you might like to see a little of what we are looking at.

A half-inch of ice has actually accumulated on everything. So imagine what four inches of snow is like with an ice coating. As I take one step, I fall through and if I don't fall through, I slide.

The maple tree.

The spinner.

The garden greyhound.

And for your promised weather report. Still below freezing. A very light freezing rain falling.

Here is my best advice to everyone:

Find a buddy and snuggle.

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