Sunday, January 09, 2011

Totally important job

It's Sunday, Talley has a high ranking, very important job that she must do.

You see, the girls in our family can be very, very finicky. Their kibble has to mixed in a certain way, or they will show us. They'll starve to death. They'll get skinny. They'll show their ribs.

The boys always eat, but those darn girls.

One of their favorite delicacies is the roasted chicken from Costco. They know when we go to Costco and believe me, they expect a chicken.

Karen takes some time after we get it home and picks the chicken clean.

Talley used to be a very shy girl. When she'd sneak around and peak into the kitchen, Karen would offer her a morsel hoping to bring her around.

Now, every Sunday afternoon, it is Talley's official job to taste test the chicken. She must make sure that it is safe for the other ladies.

Ever so gently she reaches up and takes the chicken from Karen's hand.

I don't think she is so shy anymore.


Sistertex said...

Awww.... beautiful!

BZ Dogs said...

I love the middle shot! And yes, Deli Chicken's (ours are from Safeway) are the tops! I just picked one clean last night and had a captive audience.

(Mine boys aren't nearly so delicate!)

... and I'm STILL trying to figure out exactly how many greyhounds you have. A dozen????

houndstooth said...

Talley, if you'd ever need any help with that job, I'd be available to help! It's definitely very, very important!


Corbin said...

Oh, food tasting is the best! I tell mom I need to check all their food before they consume it... I surely don't want them to get sick if it's bad food!

Anonymous said...

Yum we love chicken too.. You are such a lucky gal being the tester!

Tucker The Crestie said...

These may be our favorite pictures so far. Talley is a beautiful taste tester!