Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Terri's angels

Once upon a time there were three red dogs who all went to the race track. And they ran as fast as they could, but I was the lucky one that got to adopt them and they all live with me.

My name is Terri.


Elaine Pritchard said...

Triple trouble!!

Only joking - they are lovely and you are definitely the lucky one that they chose you.

Love and licks, Winnie

Sistertex said...

Nice to meet you Terri,and you're and angel too, for adopting them all! No doubt triple the fun, wait there are more...what is it, fun X 6?

houndstooth said...

"Good morning, Angels!"

"Good morning, Terri!"

I've been curious, are they the only three from their litter, or just the three littermates that you have? They're all drop dead gorgeous!

Tucker The Crestie said...

They certainly look like angels to me!

Wyatt said...

Hi! Nice to meet you! We always get excited to meet doggies in Oregon. Especially gardening dogs!