Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oregon By Greyhound • The Hoffman Bridge

The Journey Hoffman Covered Bridge
Location LAT 44° 39' 11.8"  N  LON 122° 53' 25.2" W 
Date March 13, 2009
Weather 54°, Mostly sunny
Distance 21.3  miles

Crystal drew the short bone again, actually she's such a sneaky thing, she worked her magic crystal just so she could go again. Enjoying some affection by Crabtree Creek with Karen before she goes off to explore the latest covered bridge adventure.

Crabtree Creek is huge, it's murky and it looks pretty deep and by the time it got to Hoffman Bridge, it was so peaceful.

Unfortunately, it was also home to garter snakes. Three snakes and it was time to move on to the next bridge.

Hoffman Bridge was built in 1936. It's claim to fame are the two gothic windows on each side.

The timbers on the inside are hand hewed.

Karen and Crystal pose in front of the bridge before crossing back over the creek.

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