Sunday, March 08, 2009

Oregon By Greyhound • The Shimanek Bridge

The Journey Shimanek Bridge
Location LAT 44° 43' 01"  N  LON 122° 48' 12" W 
Date March 6, 2009
Weather 48°, Sunny
Distance 35 miles

Hark! I see a sign! Mom, quick follow that sign.

So a sharp left takes us to a road never traveled by us. Highway 226, out of Scio leads us to Richardson Gap Rd. A fairly busy farm road through the Shimanek Bridge, Oregon's longest covered bridge span, 130'.

Mom, that seems to be a fairly busy highway, don't get to close. That also looks like another really new bridge, where's the history around this joint?

OK Roxy, we'll run up for our picture, you're a greyhound, we can go fast.

The sign says this bridge was built in 1966, you're right Roxy, it isn't that old. And yes, it has a story. 

They think the first bridge built at this location was in 1861, and the first covered bridge was built in 1891. In 1904 the county rebuilt the bridge, only to watch it take a trip down the river in 1921. Again, they built a replacement. It was damaged by high water in 1927 and replaced once again. 

In 1962 high winds blew trees into the fourth structure on this sight causing much damage. The bridge was destroyed soon after and in 1966 they built the fifth bridge on this location, painted it red and waited for you to walk across it Roxy.

Run Roxy, Run!

The current bridge matches the red paint, portal design and louvered windows of the bridge that was built in 1927. All of the old and best of the new.

Alrighty Roxy, it's time, let's follow that sign.

Tune into tomorrow for Roxy's adventure part trois.

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