Saturday, March 28, 2009

More spring fashions from greyhound gardens

Cinderella models the latest trends in post-surgical after-care-wear.

The gown is a white ladies medium, long-sleeved v-neck cotton t-shirt. Trimmed to just above the ankles for a fashionable, easy to maneuver look, this length allows the greyhound to walk in the wet grass without tripping over the cuffs or getting them muddy. 

The v-neck offers the most freedom around the neckline as well as a slightly sexy look. 

A knot is tied just at the waistline to maintain that desirable sleek and skinny greyhound silhouette.

Last but not least is the comfortably padded bite-not collar. Designed to form fit the long skinny greyhound neck inhibiting the biting and licking acts said greyhound might try to perform when the humans aren't looking.

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