Sunday, March 22, 2009


Sweet, sweet baby girl. You have only been home for three short months. We have apologized over and over and over for making you fly into 20° weather and having unusual snow on the ground for two weeks. Trust me, your other mother and I had no control over the weather.

We laughed when we caught you extreme counter-surfing.

We laughed with you and tolerated the Blackberry cases you destroyed.

But sweetie, we have to talk. Houdini antics aren't going to work in this household. Not today, not tomorrow and not the next day.

When the mommas have to go to work, it is your job to stay peacefully in your kennel. "Stay in your kennel" are the key words I want you to listen to.

You are very lucky that your vets love you and love us. Doing surgery to stitch up your 8 inch tear in your armpit until 7:30 p.m. on a Saturday night was not the hot date they where really thinking about.

Baby girl, the kennel and safety are your friends. Your momma will spend spring break practicing alone training with you again.


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