Sunday, July 11, 2010

Princess Picky and her sister Finicky

This is Princess Picky.

And this is her sister Princess Finicky.

I've talked about the twins many times, and they are just delightful. However, they are turning my hair gray, rapidly.

About a week or so ago, they quit eating with the same vigor most greyhounds are so famous for. We know this battle well and our cupboards are armed with the appropriate weapons.

Fresh cooked chicken, strike. Canned tuna, strike. Fresh cooked pork, tolerable. Hot dogs, hit, then miss. Canned green tripe (a best kept secret in the arsenal, always a big hit), BIG strike.

And so, it was off to my favorite local pet store, Everything Pawsable. To the counter with 10 cans of the filet mignon of dog food. Melodee, I explain, "my greyhounds aren't eating." She laughs at me as the cans roll everywhere and rings up my sushi allowance.

As I'm exiting she smiles and says "Terri, you do know that a dog is not going to starve to death as long as there is food. Just sayin'."

Three meals later I am ever so happy to announce that Picky and Finicky have licked the platters clean.

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