Monday, June 28, 2010

The Pocket Rocket

Everyone knows that Crystal is our little pocket rocket and sure enough, she demonstrated her speed and agility for Jeff .

That girl will run circles around the backyard for days on end if given the opportunity.

And once in awhile, on a very rare occasion, she drops.

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MomTo2GreytGals said...

I am the mom to 2 Greyhound Gals & 3 Fur Angels & I stumbled across your blog through another greyhound blog, I believe it was I know my dogs look funny, Not Sure though. I just have to say I enjoy reading your blog about your fur babys & have read the entire blog. I love how you write the storys with the Grey hounds pictures, to funny. One of my Favorites was Hey Mom WHats a Bordello? with Duncan OMG I could not stop laughing. I have read Numerous Other Blogs & this one by far is My Favorite. Who Ever the Writer is for this Blog Keep Up The Greyt work with the pictures & Funny Captions.

MomTo2GreytGals (Luckystar & Jade)