Monday, September 07, 2009

Oregon by Greyhound • Three Pools

The Adventure Three Pools
Location LAT 44° 50' 22" N LON 122° 18' 41" W
Date September 4, 2009
Weather 81°, Sunny
Distance 43.1 miles

Minnie patiently waited for her next adventure and when it didn't come soon enough she demanded an adventure. She began barking, dancing and stomping her feet until we had no choice but to take that girl for a ride.

And so, on a wonderful September day we were off to Three Pools in the Opal Creek Wilderness.

The water is an incredible emerald green and above where we stood we could see where the made it's way through narrow canyons and around a series of boulders.

A trail continued upstream and Minnie scampered up the stairs to go further down the trail.

The river continued to weave through the rock canyons.

A lone madrona tree rested above the river.

One more example of the crystal clear, emerald green water.

I had climbed down the water edge and when I looked up, Minnie was watching my every move.

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