Saturday, January 03, 2009

The second annual...

Celebration of the Winter Solstice in January

The weather was slightly less than cooperative on the longest day this year.

And it does seem to be a rather busy time of year, so we celebrated with the girls in January.

On foot, we traverse the streets in search of three restaurants, one for appetizers, one for the main course and what would a progressive lunch be without dessert.

Megan is the urban kid. She lives in a charming one bedroom victorian apartment downtown.

Holly lives in the burbs in a cute little house buried in a maze of suburban streets.

Of course, what is a celebration without gifts.

Holly only wanted a pink Dyson vacuum, who would think that one would actually appear in the month of October?

Autzen the grand labby was easy to please with toys.

Megan was all about cash

the grand iggies were more than happy to collect a cache of stuffies.

The unwrapping done, we gathered together

and hit the pavement.

Muu-Muu's was our first stop for the appetizer.

It received a thumbs up from all of us. The seared tuna with wasabi sauce was to die for.

We walked an extra block or two in search of the main course. Holly, her Blackberry and Google saved the day when they pointed us in the right direction

to Mio Sushi.

Hark! Do I see a sushi roll and chop sticks in Megan's hand?

Holly is still into the perfect vegetarian noodle.

Rave reviews for the best dessert in town lead us to Papa Haydn's.

Who woulda thunk a dessert menu could have so many wonderful choices.

Thanks girls, it was a really greyt day!

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