Thursday, January 01, 2009

First blood of the year

Danny got the first call of the year to donate blood this morning.

Greyhounds make fabulous blood donors.

Over 60% of the greyhounds are universal blood donors. They have a higher number of red blood cells and can carry more oxygen in their blood than other breeds and combined with the fact that they are universal donors, veterinary clinics love to use them.

Every one of our guys that is younger than eight years old, except Flocko who has seizures makes their way to our emergency vet to see if they are eligible to donate blood.

Their blood is typed and then sent out to be tested.

Each dog only donates once every three months and they all seem to pick up the drill rather quickly. When the vet calls, we select the lucky dog. It usually takes 30-45 minutes from start to finish and the dogs always enjoy their extra snack they get as soon as they have donated. Danny, Jori, Minnie and Mickey are all universal donors. Flo, Talley and Moose are also donors, but they aren't universal, so they are only used in certain situations. Duncan, Fonzi and Murphy are all retired donors.

We have met a few of the dogs we donated to and their families. They are so thankful to have donated blood as an option. It is expensive for a family to give their dog blood, and I always appreciate the family that is willing to do what ever it takes for their beloved pet and I am so happy that I have dogs that can donate.

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