Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sulking::Day 2

OK, I'm the one sulking here.

A few days ago I wrote about the confusion of the time change and the lack of promised extra sleep.

This morning was no different and it became time to line the troops up for a little chat.

It went something like this.

"It's early, I need my beauty sleep. You doggies need to let me have my beauty sleep. 5 am is negotiable. 4 am is crossing a line that I don't think you want to cross.

Have you forgotten that I am the keeper of the kibble? Purveyor of stuffies and soft beds?

I have the power to feed or not feed you. And the wall to wall cushions... can you say hard wood floors?"

And their fearful response you ask?

Talk to the paw.

Yes, I am the alpha bitch.

1 comment:

houndstooth said...

*snicker* Of course you are! That's what I tell myself, too!

I just love Danny pictures! He reminds me so much of our Blueberry. Do you happen to know his racing name?